Homemade Twix Bars

Homemade Twix BarsNow that the temperature has dropped so much (HELP!) and the holidays are here (YAY!), I’ve had an inexplicable urge to bake and cook, and then bake and cook some more. I always love to cook (did you know I went to culinary school? why, yes, I did), but I don’t really like to bake. You need all the patience for that and, well, that’s simply not my strong suit. I’d much rather change things up as I go and make my own creations. But the chilly weather has me craving all the goodies. So yesterday I made homemade Twix Bars.

It’s admittedly kind of a pain in the you know what. It’s a process… It’s a delicious process, but do this on a day when you have plenty of time. You don’t want to rush through this one. Also, the directions aren’t that great (IMO), so learn from my mistake. Don’t take the shortbread out of the baking pan when they say remove to a wire rack. Put that baking pan on the wire rack, but don’t take the shortbread out. It makes your caramel go sort of everywhere. I managed, but I would have had a gooier layer of caramel—and who doesn’t love a gooier layer of caramel?

Get the recipe here. There’s also a video to help you here.

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Apple Crisp

Apple CrispWhen I was a kid, apple picking wasn’t as much of a thing. Like an absolute: you must go apple picking or else it’s not fall. (Unless maybe, mom and dad, you were holding out on us?) But since the rise of Instagram we all convince ourselves to drive an hour plus, brave crowds (but it’s ok because we’re in the country!), and dutifully go apple picking. Then you come home with literally 80 pounds of apples….and what does one make with 80 pounds of apples. Maybe a pie, some apple crisp, pork chops when you discover they can be savory too. But then, guess what? You still have 45 pounds of apples. So even though you’re trying to remember what self control is, you make more apple crisp. So here I am with a favor for those of you with an excess of apples: a recipe that uses 8 (yay!) of those apples. And forget everything I said about self control, because this is too good not to eat all day errday.

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Guava Bars

Guava BarsWhen we were little my mom used to give us guava juice. Don’t know why, but she did. And I remember it as the best tasting, coolest thing ever. But then we just sort of stopped drinking it. Again, don’t know why… but that’s what happened.

So when a package of guava paste showed up on my desk at work (i.e. was sent to me), I was SO excited. Most people look forward to the free beauty products, but me… no, give me all the guava pasta please.

First I made guava glazed pork tenderloin. It was amazing. But you gotta have something sweet, too. So I whipped up some guava bars… and I honestly think they’re one of the best desserts I’ve ever made.

If people don’t just randomly send you guava paste, apparently you can get it in the International aisle of most supermarkets. Or, you can just do one click on Amazon and, voila, guava paste at your door.

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