Guava Bars

Guava BarsWhen we were little my mom used to give us guava juice. Don’t know why, but she did. And I remember it as the best tasting, coolest thing ever. But then we just sort of stopped drinking it. Again, don’t know why… but that’s what happened.

So when a package of guava paste showed up on my desk at work (i.e. was sent to me), I was SO excited. Most people look forward to the free beauty products, but me… no, give me all the guava pasta please.

First I made guava glazed pork tenderloin. It was amazing. But you gotta have something sweet, too. So I whipped up some guava bars… and I honestly think they’re one of the best desserts I’ve ever made.

If people don’t just randomly send you guava paste, apparently you can get it in the International aisle of most supermarkets. Or, you can just do one click on Amazon and, voila, guava paste at your door.

Recipe is not mine—I got it from Serious Eats, so head there for the recipe. But a few notes: The recipe didn’t specify cold or room temperature butter, which really had me worried and confused. I used cold. Things worked out. Also, I forgot to add the flour to the crumb topping. That also worked out pretty well for me.

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